Bingo med 90 baller


Not surprisingly, Bingo with 90 balls is a pendant for Bingo with 75 balls. Bingo with 90 balls is played mainly in Europe and Australia.

Just a few rules …

I online bingo er det normalt to forskjellige varianter man kan spille på. Den ene er 75 kulers varianten, og den andre er 90 kulers varianten som du også kan lese om her på siden.

75 kulers bingo er det man kaller for den amerikanske varianten av bingo mens 90 kulers bingo er en mer europeisk variant.

Hvordan spiller jeg Bingo med 90 baller?

Platen i 90 kulers bingo består av 9 søyler og 3 rekker på en plate med 15 tall på hver. Det er fem tall i hver rekke og tallene fordeler seg fra 0-9 i første søyle, 10-19 i andre søyle, 20-29 i tredje, 30-39 i fjerde, 40-49 i femte, 50-59 i sjette, 60-69 i syvende, 70-79 i åttende rekke og 80-90 i niende rekke.





A caller calls the numbers up, where you choose the number you get along the way. It can go a little fast. So do not add too many discs to start.
You can always increase the amount when you get longer in the game.
Depending on the game being played, «Banko» shouts, as the first hit, a row, two rows or an entire record.
It depends on how many combinations are played.

See which combinations are most commonly used.


More chances

The number of cards in a bingo game depends directly on how big chances you have to win the big win, but it is clear that you also pay a higher price for each time you play in a round. Therefore, in each game, look for how many other players are involved so you do not buy too many discs and risk too much with a small premium as a result. You can hit different jackpots depending on how fast you hit the particular figure and are you very lucky and good there can be a lot of money to win that way.

More bingo-banko

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Have you won?

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